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About Us
20 Years Caring about you

Welcome to Immuno Hospicare & Diagnostics

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Immuno is an American Hospicare group with its very first branch set up in India at Bhubaneswar as ‘Immuno Hospicare and Diagnostics’. As a unit of IHD Lifescience International Pvt. ltd. ,ImmunoHospicare and Diagnostics provides the best of hospicare facilities and diagnosis, of which some will be very first of its kind in Bhubaneswar or Odisha.

Tests for which samples were sent to Metros: Now available in Bhubaneswar!

For long, most patients would have had to wait for a few days to get the results of their clinical tests, which had to be sent to metros for their analysis. At Immuno Hospicare and Diagnostics, all such sophisticated tests are done here itself. It ensures that the patients get their sample results first and fresh.

The sample collection, diagnosis and the lab results are made available to the patients as soon as the results come out.You won’t have to either wait or venture out to get your tests results. You get it right here, fresh out of the lab and in time so that you can begin proper treatment.

Equipped with the best and the latest technology, we aim to ensure that the people will not have to either wait for their diagnosis or the result. The patients can access their reports online through their mail, if they choose to. That will save a lot of time and effort on their part.

Medical reports have to be checked and referred to most of the time. In case a patient loses a report, the same can be retrieved from our database which stores the name, date of admission and Registration Number of the patient. Patients will not have to re-register for the same.

Various Biochemistry and Microbiological tests are available apart from Hormone Assay, Hematology, Histopathology, DNA tests and Forensic tests. Stemcell Preservation, Sibship, Cloning and Drug Monitoring are our other specialties.